This area of the site is aimed at providing information on the history, structure and current activities of CMSUK. Here you will find information about the Board of Directors, CMSUK committees and supporters.

Case Management Society UK 

Case Management Society UK (CMSUK) is a non-profit association of registered case managers. We promote quality case management provision and support the individual and collective development of case management throughout the United Kingdom.

CMSUK is a charitable company. We became incorporated on 3 July, 2001 and registered as a charity on 6 February, 2006. As a charity, our purpose is to protect and promote public wellbeing.

CMSUK Mission, Vision & Objectives

Mission: To empower our members by providing support and education

Vision: To lead best practice for case managers


  • To build a growing and cohesive community of Case Managers whatever the area of practice.
  • To define and develop a professional framework for Case Managers.
  • To create and develop working relationships with relevant organisations within the UK and internationally.

CMSUK Organisational Values – Valued Behaviours 


  • We are friendly, open, and welcoming to CMSUK members and the wider community.
  • We actively seek and welcome contact with CMSUK members.
  • We treat everyone with respect regardless of their role, area of practice, personal characteristics, or background.
  • We work enthusiastically with people of different backgrounds, identities, values, and cultures.
  • We recognize that we all have biases and work to counteract them.

Professionalism and credibility

  • We exhibit and are known for professionalism, honesty, and ethical practice.
  • We apply personal effort to ensure the structure and organisation of CMSUK is secure, sustainable, and fit for purpose.
  • We act with integrity and good intent and trust our colleagues to do the same.
  • We uphold and promote the credibility of CMSUK through thoughtful and mature contribution to the activity of the Society.

Leadership and Collaboration

  • We are passionate about good case management and the value it adds to people’s lives and wellbeing.
  • We are forward-thinking and apply our knowledge and expertise to CMSUK development, actions, and activities.
  • We are proactive and adaptable, seeking to ensure CMSUK support for members is timely and appropriate to current and future developments.

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