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Before you begin your application please take a few moments to consider which membership type to apply for.  As well as the information supplied in the boxes below we have created a criteria of membership flowchart to help you make the correct choice of membership. CMSUK strives to be as inclusive a membership organisation as it can be but in a way that protects public wellbeing and adheres to our Articles of Association & Membership Rules documentation. To view the Criteria of Membership Flowchart, please CLICK HERE.

The new member application process is completed by our administrator in conjunction with a Membership Committee member. Any queries are resolved either by reference to the applicant, or to the nominated Committee member. There is an appeals procedure in place if this becomes appropriate.

Application Procedure:

  1. Online application completed by applicant.
  2. Completed application received by the CMSUK Administrator and a confirmation of receipt email sent to the applicant.
  3. Application reviewed by Administrator and any missing data requested.
  4. Application reviewed by Membership Committee member for approval.
  5. Email sent informing applicant of outcome.
  6. Once approved applicant sent E-mail requesting payment of the membership fee to activate the membership.
  7. Once payment has been received new member sent an email of welcome with membership documents attached.

We aim to complete this process within 28 days of receipt of satisfactorily completed applications.

CMSUK is always keen to receive feedback from our members, especially regarding ways we can support you in practice and give you maximum benefit as a member now and in the future. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or feedback, then please feel free to email us by clicking here so that we can keep improving things for you.

Why Join? - Benefits of CMSUK Membership

Become part of our vast Case Management network and discover the benefits of CMSUK Membership. CMSUK is widely renowned and aims to help advance the careers of case management professionals through educational events, seminars, and services all developed to help meet the challenging needs of the case management industry. Join our community and see for yourself how CMSUK Membership can benefit you and help advance your career.

Develop as a Professional

  • Demonstrate your professionalism using the CMSUK ‘member’ logo on any correspondence ie email signatures, professional profiles, and letterhead that is specific to that individual member. Not to be used as a ‘company-wide’ logo
  • All members are listed on the website’s ‘Member Check’ facility. Searches can be made by name, geographic area or area of expertise
  • Full Case Manager Members can opt in to a facility via the Member Check facility whereby they can be contacted, by blind email, for the purposes of referrals
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and educational offerings: Throughout the year CMSUK strives to hold multiple training events including an extensive programme of Webinar ‘lunch & learn’ sessions which are free for CMSUK members to attend.  Annually, CMSUK host a 2-day showcase Conference including a multi-stream programme, a dedicated exhibition area, networking opportunities and a Dinner Dance. Additionally, CMSUK organise Study Days and Networking groups where necessary
  • Receive substantial discounts to attend any fee-paying CMSUK event
  • Eligibility for our annual awards programme, recognising and rewarding excellence by individuals and organisations
  • Eligibility for annual grants - CPD and Research
  • Ability to download the editable ‘Word’ version of the CMSUK Standards Audit Tools via the CMSUK members area of the CMSUK Website

Be part of a Case Management Community

  • Access to our extensive network of peers and case managers providing invaluable access to practical advice and support
  • Links with purchasers through our Case Management Network
  • Networking with other case managers facing similar challenges
  • All members are encouraged to attend the annual AGM where the Board and Committees update attendees on their work to promote the strategic aims of CMSUK
  • Opportunity to influence the development of CMSUK and to develop a broader range of skills by becoming involved in one of the CMSUK Committees such as Events, Membership & Links, Communications and Research

CMSUK also offer Corporate membership, please email to find out the benefits your organisation would gain in becoming a corporate member.

Practising Case Manager Memberships:

Before you commence your application for either Case Manager or Associate membership please make sure you have evidence of the following:

  • Details of your clinical or vocational qualifications relating to your case management practice.
  • Details of your professional bodies relating to your case management practice (ie NMC, HCPC, etc etc) where appropriate.
  • Contact information of 2 referees (either both professional or one professional, one personal).
  • Details of your case management work history including employment details and dates.
  • Date of most recent DBS check.
  • Confirmation of professional indemnity insurance.

Case Manager Membership - Become a member for only 90.00 per annum*

In addition to the above, Case Manager members need to be able to demonstrate a minimum of 24 months or 2500 hours of experience specifically in case management.

Associate Membership - Become a member for only 72.00 per annum*

Associate members do not need to have worked a specific number of case management hours. Upgrade to Case Manager membership can be applied for once the required experience level has been achieved.

To view Benefits of Membership please CLICK HERE.

Non-practising memberships:

Supporter - Become a member for only 72.00 per annum*

Supporter membership is for people who do not practice Case Management but work either in a supportive or managerial role within the industry. All normal Benefits of Membership apply.

Overseas - Become a member for only 20.00 per annum

Overseas membership is for any existing or new member case manager not currently practising within the UK. All normal Benefits of Membership apply but the nominal fee of £20 acknowledges that some benefits are unlikely to be utilised. Overseas membership allows for the possibility of upgrade to a UK practising case manager membership if the standard criteria are met. CMSUK does not hold responsibility for practice of Case Management outside the UK.

Student - Become a member for only 20.00 per annum

Student membership is relevant for people undertaking courses relevant to case management. All normal Benefits of Membership apply. The possibility of upgrade to a UK practising case manager membership becomes available if the standard criteria are met.

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