Case Management Standards

CMSUK Standards of Practice

CMSUK are delighted to be at the forefront of the production of rigorous and effective Standards of Practice for the profession. Case managers can use these Standards to ensure that they are providing a quality and safe service for the benefit of service users, and commissioners can use the Standards to establish that case managers are able to adhere to levels of competent work developed and prescribed by a body of experienced peers. At the initial point of development in 2005 they were a landmark publication in the growth and maturity of case management. In 2009 a second updated edition was produced in a handy soft cover format and also on a data stick. This edition incorporated the Best Practice Guidelines, providing advice and guidance on dealing with the difficult challenges often faced by case managers. The Standards contain audit tools (tick box checklists) so that case managers can regularly monitor their performance, or have the tools available to show to others as a measure of quality. Use of the Standards can be incorporated into a business definition and presented as part of CPD requirements. CMSUK firmly believes that use of the Standards will improve the delivery of case management throughout the UK.

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Members of CMSUK are now able to download an editable 'Word' version of the Audit Tools by logging into the Member area and following the prompts.