Membership Focus Group

WE NEED YOU - whatever type of CMSUK membership you have (case manager, associate, supporter). If you are currently working as a case manager, or supporting case managers, then please read on -

The CMSUK membership team is holding a ‘Focus Group’ on Thursday 7th December at 11am online and you are warmly invited to join us. 
The purpose of the discussion will be to share and consider ideas about what CMSUK might do for its members both now and in the future.  This way we can try and plan our training, support and member benefits with your aims in mind.
This will be an open, honest and friendly forum where all views and ideas are welcome. So, bring your coffee and biscuits along and click on the link to register your attendance and get the meeting invitation.

We can’t wait to see you and chat soon.


Your Membership Team

Venue Online
Date Thursday 7th December 2023
11:00 am - 12:01 pm

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