CMSUK Webinar: Benefits - Getting the Most for Your Clients

We are pleased to announce that booking for our next lunch-and-learn webinar is now open. This is the forth in our 2018 series of webinars which are being offered free of charge to Members (and Pending Members) as part of CMSUK's quest to offer greater access to training and support for members.

Aims of the presentation:

  • An overview of the benefits system for case managers.
  • Information on signposting to get the best for your clients.
  • Update of a system that is constantly evolving.


Michael McCann

Managing Director and Senior Advisor

4 Your Benefit Ltd.

(Welfare Rights Advisors to Anthony Gold)

( Welfare Rights Manager for Headway SELNWK)

(Welfare Rights ambassador Limbcare UK)

Michael suffered a brain injury in a road traffic accident at the age of 14. He was in a coma for 3 days, and although he recovered was left with epilepsy. Although now controlled he continues to take medication.

Michael struggled through his teenage years and adolescence with epilepsy and the psychological problems that normally accompany any serious health problems. Although he gained his first degree at university in his early 20s he regularly found it difficult to hold down a job due to seizures and a lack of understanding by employers, as well as discrimination.

It was not until he was in his late 30s that his epilepsy became controlled, he then found seizures were less frequent and he could cope with computers. He then decided to study law with an aim to assist others with long term health problems. While studying Law he worked as a volunteer with Citizens Advice, gaining an insight into social security law.

Once he qualified he worked full time with Citizens Advice, dealing with all issues, but he found himself drawn to health benefits. He became a specialist in health benefits and tribunal appeals. He continued to work for Citizens Advice for 15 years, becoming a specialist manager for people with health problems.

Michael became disillusioned with his work at Citizens Advice, due to reduced funding, quantity took priority over quality, and signposting became a priority over casework.

In order to continue with his specialist work he became the welfare rights Development manager for a national amputee Charity. Again funding restricted the amount of casework he could do. But while working in this role he also provided a service to Headway SELNWK and A.Gold clients, they agreed that there was a lack of advice and assistance available for clients and CABs closed or access was reduced as well as casework and people with long term health problems were suffering.

With the support of Anthony Gold solicitors, Michael established his own company in February 2017 to try and fill this gap. In his first year he increased the benefit income of his clients by £620,000.00 per year.


Venue Online Webinar
Date Friday 18th May 2018
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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