Quality Case Management Project

Posted 5th January 2015

An update on the project and feedback from the Forums held at the end of 2014.

 Quality Case Management Project

We recently held two focus groups to gain feedback from members about the draft Competency Framework. These were expertly facilitated by Professor Meyer and were very constructive. The working group is now incorporating the comments into the Framework which will then be ready to go out for further consultation. We are planning to run a survey in March, with the revised Framework, to all members (through Survey Monkey) so there will be an opportunity to see whether the Framework could be something you could use to describe your practice and whether you see yourself fitting into it. Further, also in March, a stakeholder consultation will be held in London to see whether other people (lawyers, insurers etc) can see that the Framework would be useful in clarifying and explaining the case manager’s skills and levels of experience.

All of this feedback will be consolidated in April to produce a final version. The final document will be distributed to members with a formal joint launch in November. In the meantime, the planning and thinking continues to decide the next stages for the Educational Pathway and Framework – the ‘measures’ for the various criteria need to be established, and possibly a curriculum could be developed so that it could start being used for course development. There is also the issue of who will eventually accredit case managers going forward.

I hope you agree that these are exciting steps forward. We are particularly grateful to members who bothered to travel to the focus groups and help think through some of the detail. Watch this space!     

The Working Group


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