Education Pathways for Case Managers

Posted 27th October 2010

CMSUK is delighted to announce an exciting initiative with regard to the development of coordinated education for case managers.

CMSUK is delighted to announce an exciting initiative with regard to the development of coordinated education for case managers.

We all know the difficulty commissioners and clients have choosing case managers who know what they are doing and can deliver the goods. For some time CMSUK has worked to develop Standards of Practice and a Code of Ethics to form the basis of good quality practice in the UK. Over the last few months, however, an exciting venture has taken root.

The Standards, Research and Development Working Group has been meeting with education experts to discuss the ways that case managers can obtain a recognised educational qualification through a formal process. The end result was a recognition of the need for a research project to clarify just what that process could be. It would be easy to just cobble together a few courses and training days but the Group felt strongly that an academic approach to establishing the needs of case managers and the sector would provide a better quality basis and give pointers to a generic unified structure. It could set a framework to establish accountability and core capabilities to ensure the best quality work.

Funding is sought from a number of interested and relevant parties which will be  matched by CMSUK through the Education Fund.

The title of the project is:

‘Investigating the Need for an Accredited, Standardised or Certified Professional Education Pathway for Case Managers in the UK.'

The project aims to investigate the range of factors that will provide detailed information on the needs, challenges, and benefits of a standardised benchmarking system.  Specifically, the project aims to consult a range of stakeholders who receive, commission, and provide Case Management on issues related to the effective provision of Case Management. The objective is to use this information in order to identify and recommend a feasible process that moves Case Management closer to a recognised and benchmarked profession.

The search is on for a project officer who will have a minimum qualification of a Master's degree and who will work part time over a year, under the supervision of our academic advisor. The project will also be announced at the Annual Conference in November. Any researcher interested in finding out more about the project should contact Heather Roberts in the first instance at CMSUK who is coordinating the applications.

To view the associated research paper document please click here.

Any members of CMSUK who wishes to discuss the detail and find out more is welcome to contact the following members of the Group:

Jan Harrison 020 8998 2992

Carole Chantler tel 07939 211882

Allison Saltrese tel 07740406511  

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