CPD Online Tool - Save money on sign up fees at this year's conference

Posted 26th September 2011

CMSUK are pleased to present our new Online CPD tool.  A special limited period offer is available for signing up, with an additional discount for delegates that sign up at the conference

The new CMSUK CPD Online Tool (CPDoL) is being launched at this year's conference on 3rd and 4th November. 

The sign up fee will normally be £10, and there is an annual charge of £12.  For any member signing up between 6th November and 31st December, CMSUK will pay the sign up fee - so you only need to pay £12 until next year.

However, for those members that sign up at the conference there will be charge of only £5 for the first year, a saving of £17. 

CMSUK highly recommends this tool, it is an important part of your ongoing professional development.  The tool can include all your relevant information, can help you build your CV, organise your personal development plan, document your activities and evidence summaries, your self assessment activities, and collate your CPD records, with a store for all your documents.  This tool can follow you from job to job, and even help you with looking for work. 

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