CMSUK's New Family of Logos and the Usage Policy

Posted 1st April 2015

CMSUK now have specific logos for specific purposes making up a family of logos.  If you are an individual member or a company with Corporate Membership you will need to understand how they can be used.


CMSUK now have 4 new logos with very specific usage.  To download the full usage policy please CLICK HERE but in short:-

This logo is for the sole use of CMSUK only.  Not to be used in any capacity without the permission of CMSUK.
This logo is for the use of CMSUK Corporate Members only and can be used company wide on letterhead, website, emails if required.  Corporate Membership is a cost of £2,000 per annum.  For further details please CLICK HERE.
For use by CMSUK individual members.  Can be used only in relation to themselves as individuals ie professional profile or individual email signature.  Not to be used Company wide under any capacity.
This logo can be used only as part of a professional links page of a website linked to the CMSUK website and only with CMSUK permission.  Not to be used Company wide under any capacity.

If you would like to apply for any of the above logos please contact:


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