CMSUK Education Research Project - Survey

Posted 29th June 2011

CMSUK launch the Survey for their Education Project:  An investigation to identify the need for standardised, accredited or certified professional pathway for case managers in the UK.

CMSUK now need participants.  To access the survey and other associated documentation please read on.

An investigation to identify the need for a standardised, accredited or certified professional pathway for case managers in the UK.

The Case Management Society of the United Kingdom (CMSUK) is committed to promoting and fully supporting its members in achieving the highest standards of practice and in raising the debate about future professional recognition of case management. In order to actively progress the aims of the organisation, CMSUK have commissioned this investigation which aims to: identify to what extent there is a need for professional standardisation, accreditation or certification that is underpinned by an educational framework, for case management in the UK.
To do this they feel it is vital to gain the views of a wide range of stakeholders who have relevant and current experience of case management services. You have therefore been asked to participate in this investigation because you are a provider or commissioner of case management services in the UK and your views are highly valued.
To participate involves taking about 10-15 minutes to complete a short, secure, online questionnaire. If required, a full project brief and a participant information sheet can be found by clicking the links below:
To read the Project Brief click here.
To read the Participant Information Sheet click here.
Once you have read this information you can access the questionnaire by clicking the following the link, and consenting, or not, to take part:
The questionnaire is available to complete, up to and including the 1st September 2011.
At a later stage of the investigation we are asking respondents to participate in focus groups. If, in principle, you are willing to do this, you will be asked for your contact details as part of the questionnaire.
Finally, in order to gain the views of as many stakeholders as possible, we are asking if you would be kind enough to forward this email to any of your contacts who would have an interest in this investigation.
We hope you are able to participate in this investigation and thank you for your time.
Yours sincerely
Jane Goodman        Susanna Robinson
Project Lead           Project Officer
For further information contact:
Jane Goodman, Project Lead on:  or telephone: 01225 309333

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