Call for responses to the consultation paper on Disability Living Allowance reform

Posted 31st January 2011

The Government are calling for responses to the consultation paper to reform Disability Living Allowance by 14th February 2011

Following on from the Government’s publication of the white paper “Universal Credit: welfare that works” in November 2010, the Government has now published a consultation paper “Disability Living Allowance reform”, which introduces their plans to replace DLA with Personal Independence Payments by 2013/2014, when they will start to reassess all applicants of a working age.

The plan is for the Personal Independence Payment to continue to be based on need not income, and as with DLA will not to be dependent on having paid National Insurance Contributions.
The main differences being proposed will be a simplification of the awards, with two rates for mobility, and two for ‘daily living component’ (to replace the care component), and the assessment process.   This assessment will “focus on the ability of an individual to carry out a range of key activities necessary for everyday living” although what these activities will be has not been decided yet, but the initial proposal is that these “should consider activities related to an individual’s ability to get around, interact with others, manage personal care treatment needs, and access food and drink”.  The assessment is looking likely to be along the same lines as those currently being used for Employment Support Allowance. 
There will also be more consideration of the use of aids and adaptations, particularly where there is successful use to enhance independence. 
The consultation period ends on 14th February 2011.  The paper includes a list of questions, and provides details of how to respond.  The PDF version of this paper is available at

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