Are you now eligible for Full Membership to CMSUK?

Posted 26th September 2011

Please think about your membership, and whether you could now become a Full Member

Once you have achieved 24 months or 2500 hours of active specific case management you can change your membership to full member.  If you think you fit this criteria you do not have to wait for your next renewal date.  Contact Heather on and provide her with the relative information, and your membership can be increased as of that date. 

There are benefits to being a full member, your details will be accessible through our database, and it will be clear that you are experienced in your field. 

Case Manager membership (£75 per annum*) 
Case Manager membership is, CMSUK’s advanced membership. The criteria for Case Manager membership is that the applicant hold a diploma or higher level educational qualification for health/social/vocational and human services personnel related to case management.
In addition to any specific training, a minimum of 24 months or 2500 hours of active specific case management experience should be obtained before applying for full membership.
CMSUK also need to ensure that clinical qualifications are endorsed by the appropriate registered body ie NMC for nurses, HPC for OT’s & Physios etc.
Vocational Case Managers are the only exception to the requirement for appropriate registered body affiliation but can only have a recorded ‘area of expertise’ as being ‘Vocational’ without having a clinical qualification and registered body. No clinical area of expertise will be assigned to a member without having appropriate clinical qualifications and registered body affiliation.
Associate Membership (£60 per annum*)
Associate membership has the same criteria for membership as Case Manager membership. The only difference is that the applicant does not have to meet the requirement of 24 months or 2500 hours of active specific case management experience.

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