Heidi's Research Blog - Part 2

Posted 22nd April 2020

In her next blog instalment, Heidi faces the challenges of COVID-19, including closure of the University and home schooling her son whilst continuing with her studies.  Keep up to date here with how she is doing, and for early insight into her work.

April 2020 Update

What a different world we are in since my last blog in early March. The impact on my life is probably minor compared to the circumstances of some CMSUK members who I am sure are dealing with the impact of COVID 19 daily.

Due to the quick actions of staff at the university, I have been able to continue with the Masters online without interruption - to studies in any way. My 11-year-old son is now at home, but old enough to entertain himself while I study.

I have now completed all four assignments for the spring term and received feedback from one which was a distinction. I am very pleased about this as I am always conscious of the fact that I am not doing this Masters just for myself, but for CMSUK too.

The assignment for my systematic reviews module involved using the ROBIS Tool to assess a published SR for bias. The Tool guides an assessor through a review in stages to identify concerns with potential bias in study eligibility criteria, study selection, data collection and synthesis and findings. This exercise will assist me when planning and assessing the case management SR to avoid introducing bias, where possible.

The Tool can be found at this link


Summer term has now started with two new modules: randomised controlled trials and health and social behaviour. Although, I have been reading and making notes on case management, I am now at the point where I have actively started working on the dissertation (at last!). I am also trying to locate a second reviewer for the search and selection process of the dissertation as this will add to validity of the review and reduce bias. If anyone is interested in assisting me with this it would be well appreciated as it is proving a little challenging to find someone now that I do not have face-to-face contact with other students.

I hope you and your clients will stay safe and wish you all the best.


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