Goodbye to the Membership Card & Hello to making it easier to apply Online

Posted 1st February 2017

Goodbye to the membership card

At the recent CMSUK Strategy Day, the Board of Directors took the decision to stop sending out the small plastic membership cards when membership is established or renewed.  There was general agreement from the Board members that membership cards are becoming obsolete as people rely more on their phones, PCs and other devices for accessing such data. 

When you log on to Member Area of the CMSUK website your membership number is clearly displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.  By no longer sending out the membership cards we can cut the costs of producing the cards, and it’s more environmentally friendly. 

Additionally, the ‘Member Check’ facility on the website can be used by anyone externally who needs to see the status of a membership and can also be used for referrals for full Case Manager members.

Of course there are those of us who rather like an old-fashioned card we can put in our wallet/purse and pull out when we need it.  There was at least one of the CMSUK Directors who declared sorrow that she would no longer be able to peel the card off her renewal letter, double it over and stick the two sides together, before slipping in her purse for safe keeping.  But all things move on and so does CMSUK! 

Making it easier to apply for membership  

Last year the CMSUK Membership and Links Committee took a good long look at the process for applying for membership.  We had received feedback from applicants and from the administrative team that the process could be rather lengthy, with false starts and lost data.  Also, applicants told us that it was not always easy to be sure which sort of membership would be appropriate for them when they started completing the online form. 

As a result, the Membership and Links Committee will be making some changes to the online form to ensure applicants know what information they will need, and what type of membership would be appropriate for them, before they start the application process.  We have also developed a flow chart to clarify how we decide which sort of membership is suitable for which applicant.  To view the flow chart Eligibility Criteria Flow Chart CLICK HERE:

If you have any questions about membership or if you would like to provide feedback on your experience of the application process, the Membership and Links Committee would be delighted to hear from you.  Contact

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