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Posted 15th August 2019

We are delighted that the letter we received from CQC dated 27th June 2019 has sparked discussion as to whether all case managers and case management companies are required to be registered. It seems there is some confusion and misunderstanding within our membership as to the guidance provided by CQC in that letter.

In the letter CQC state “ …. it is not possible to provide a definitive answer as to whether all Case Managers and Case Management companies must register with CQC, given their very varied duties and the differing circumstances of their involvement.”

In the body of the letter they reference various guidance documents which are helpful to read. They also note that the main issue regarding registration is whether there is “ongoing direction and control of a regulated activity”. Where this is present there may be a requirement to be registered

As you are aware, we are still in consultation with CQC and we will be providing a joint guidance document for our members in the future. However in the meantime we suggest that you refer back to the letter dated 27th June 2019( which can be found below) to ensure you take the relevant advice to inform your decision as to whether you or your company should register with CQC and if so under what regulated activity.

CMSUK / BABICM letter to the CQC

CQC response

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