Coronavirus: CMSUK Advice for Case Managers

Posted 10th March 2020

Risk assessment and risk management is central to the response of case managers to the COVID-19 situation. 

Advice for the public and for healthcare professionals is developing rapidly as the disease becomes more widespread. Tighter constraints on non-essential travel and contact with others are being recommended.  For case managers and employers of case managers, CMSUK suggests the following:

  • Undertake specific risk assessments related to relevant case management practice (visits to clients, attendance at meetings, events etc). Consider issues such as recent travel to high risk areas, occurrence of symptoms, exposure to potentially infected individuals.
  • Take specific account of any clients considered vulnerable or at risk, or with directly employed care staff. 
  • Keep your clients informed of any potential or real alterations in service as a result of the assessed risk level.
  • Prepare contingency plans for prevention of spread of infection or isolation of staff members – consider home working options, remote access meetings, use of technology etc if appropriate.

Keep abreast of the latest official advice – useful links are:


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