CMS America Conference Attendance Grant 2018 by CMSUK

Posted 28th February 2018


The Case Management Society UK is calling for applications for the CMS America Conference Attendance Grant 2018.

Purpose of the CMSA Conference Attendance Grant 2018

The Grant will provide the winner with an opportunity to attend the Case Management Society of America (CMSA)’s 2018 Annual Conference & Expo in Chicago, Illinois from 19th to 23rd June 2018. CMSA is a premium case management conference offering a great mix of diverse education sessions, leading industry experts and valuable networking opportunities.

The Grant will cover costs for conference attendance, travel and subsistence.


Applicants will need to meet the following eligibility criteria:

  • Hold a current individual CMSUK membership (including individual members which are part of a Corporate Membership)
  • Have been an individual member of the CMSUK for at least one year immediately prior to application.
  • Reside in the UK

Application Requirements

Applications must:

  • Be applying for an amount within the maximum level of funding available (£2,500).
  • Demonstrate a clear link to their own case management practice.
  • Demonstrate how outcomes/findings will benefit their case management practice, the wider membership and the CMSUK.
  • Demonstrate commitment to disseminate and promote the outcome/findings through a webinar (1 hour), blog (500 words) and/or a presentation at CMSUK conference 2018.
  • Provide detailed breakdown of the expenses claims.


The call for applications for the CMSA Conference Attendance Grant 2018 is open from 1st March 2018. This will also be disseminated via a number of mediums, including, the CMSUK blog, member email notification, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media.

Applications must be completed electronically and submitted to, clearly marked in the subject line as a CMSA Conference Attendance Grant Application. Submissions must be made no later than 15th March 2018. Applications received after this deadline will not be considered.




Deadline for completed applications                                       


Applications to be sent out electronically to reviewing panel        via email (file password protected)                            


Reviewing panel to agree on allocation of grant 


Successful applicant(s) to be notified                                                      


Agreement of terms of payment with Grant winner                         


CMSUK members to be notified of successful applicant(s) & the activity to be supported.



The initial payment will be made upon signing the contract with CMSUK.  Subsequent payments will be made in accordance with the agreed contract between the Grant recipient and CMSUK. This will be dependent on the nature of the activity supported and the amount of grant money awarded.

Assessment of Applications

Applications will be screened initially by the chair of the CMSUK Research Committee against the eligibility criteria. A process of peer review will be undertaken to assess applications that meet the criteria normally by a panel consisting of the Chair of the Research Committee, at least two other members of the CMSUK Research Committee. Review panel members will have a duty to declare any conflict of interest with any application (see below). Applications will be selected on the basis of the quality of their application judged against the criteria stated in the marking schedule below and recommendation of the peer reviewers.

Marking Schedule

  • Eligibility criteria – does the application meet the eligibility criteria?
  • Are there any conflict of interest/ ethical considerations?
  • Potential impact – to what extent will the Grant contribute to the evidence base for case management and/or improve practice?
  • Does the applicant demonstrate a commitment to disseminate the outcome/findings?
  • Value for money - will the likely benefits of the project justify the investment of funding?

The Research Committee will make recommendations for the grant awards to the CMSUK Board of Directors who will then take the final decision as to whom the grants should be awarded.  All applicants will be notified of the outcome by 1st April 2018.  Unsuccessful applicants will only receive general feedback due to limited resources.  The terms of payment for the Grant will be discussed with the Grant winner. Where any funding has been agreed to be provided at the commencement of the Grant, evidence of expenditure will be required at the earliest opportunity.

Conflict of Interest

CMSUK aims to ensure that grant applications are assessed objectively and impartially. Our approach to conflict of interest and ways of working are set out below for all those involved in advising, adjudicating and processing any grant related application received by CMSUK.

  • Our approach to conflict of interest covers the CMSUK Board of Directors, Staff, Research Committee, their chairs and other members such as external referees.
  • The aim is to minimise the potential for conflicts of interest and to protect CMSUK and those who work for, or in association with, from any perception, real or otherwise, that the external interests and affiliations of its committee members might interfere with their ability to work towards the furtherance of CMSUK’s objectives.
  • All committee members are obliged to disclose their interests on an ongoing basis including as part of committee agendas. Interests that should be disclosed in relation to assessing and managing grant applications include, and are not limited, equity interests, external interests whether paid, unpaid or gain from other benefit, or any other interests which they feel may be a source of conflict, or which might be perceived to conflict, with the interest of the CMSUK. This includes interests held by spouses or children.
  • Details of grant applications and related correspondence, scientific panel meeting papers, and the identity of external referees are strictly confidential and must be kept secure and not disseminated to or discussed with others outside the review process.
  • Applicants can expect that CMSUK will not disclose details of their applications to those outside the review process. This includes when providing anonymised feedback to successful and unsuccessful applicants.
  • Committee members should not, under any circumstances, provide feedback directly to the applicants before they have been noted of the outcome of the funding round through agreed channels.
  • Applicants should not, under any circumstances, directly approach members of the research committee or CMSUK in connection with their (or another's) grant application before funding decisions have been made and applicants notified.
  • Research Committee members should refuse any requests for information or feedback from applicants on how a particular judgement was reached.
  • When a committee member is a co-applicant or applicant, s/he must declare an interest and withdraw from any consideration under the Conflicts of Interest. That member does not receive documents pertaining to the application, learn the identity of its referees or receive its referees' reports, and does not score the application. He or she must retire from the meeting when the application is assessed. Details of discussion of that application are removed from any papers the member receives.
  • Where the chair of the panel is an applicant or co-applicant on a grant application, s/he must declare an interest and should not be involved in that section of the round of meetings and would not be able to vote on that application. A vice chair will chair the meeting to prevent any undue influence. In the absence of the vice chair, the panel will elect another of its members to chair the meeting.
  • Panel members who could be seen as a direct competitor of the applicant (e.g. they are funded or applying for funding on a similar project to the proposal under discussion) should declare an interest and may be asked to withdraw from the meeting for that application, or may be allowed to stay. This decision is at the discretion of the Research Committee and the chair. If there is deemed to be a conflict of interest of this manner the panel member should not score the application. Consideration must be given when panel members have collaborated or published with the proposal applicant within the past three years, worked with an individual over the past three years, or worked in the same department of the same institution.
  • When a Committee member or a CMSUK Board Director has an interest in a project outside the remit of grant, s/he must declare that interest and withdraw from the meeting whilst the project is being discussed. That same person will not vote on that project.
  • CMSUK recognises that the majority of conflicts or potential conflicts relate to one particular scenario and this therefore does not present an issue for the individual’s ability to work for the CMSUK or sit on its committees/panels.
  • Members of the research committee are expected to declare any potential conflicts of interest relating to individual funding decisions to the panel /board before the meeting wherein they will be discussed, or during the meeting as soon as the existence of a conflict becomes apparent.
  • If an individual is concerned about a possible conflict of interest involving another member of a panel or board, then he or she should raise this with the panel chair.

Review and evaluation

The administration and operation of the CMSA Conference Attendance Grant 2018. programme will be reviewed on an annual basis. This will allow improvements to be made and any feedback received from applicants or assessors to be acted on.


If you wish to apply for the CMSA Conference Attendance Grant 2018 please download the application form:

  • CLICK HERE to download the application form in Word format
  • CLICK HERE to download the application in .PDF format

All applications need to be received by 12noon on 15th March 2018.


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