Study Day Feedback: “Introduction to Case Management”

Posted 25th April 2013

Written by Rodney Fernandez, an experienced charge nurse who attended the study day as part of exploring his future career options.

Having reached the point where I need to re-examine the course of my career and consider available options for my professional progression, I seized the opportunity of attending a CMS-UK study day - "Introduction to Case Management. " For someone who has a limited knowledge of ‘Case Management', the topics included were delivered at the right level which made it easy for me to grasp the basic but important facts of this profession, understanding its foundations without information overload.  This study day revealed to me another great option for a career pathway.

The 4-hour session included topics explaining what Case Management is about, how the profession came about, how it continues to evolve and  the development of CMS-UK and its efforts for Case Management to be recognised as a profession supported by sets of standards and guidance for practice, achieved by self-regulation.  The 'process' of how case management is conducted was also included.

As a nurse, I like the fact that 'advocacy' is very much central to the work of the Case Manager.  By highlighting their personal experiences as Case Managers, the speakers were very effective in painting the real picture of the job.  Through these personal examples, I vicariously learned the challenges, the excitement and satisfaction derived from case management.  Their enthusiasm in doing the job was evident and so contagious.

The delegates represented a diverse group with different career backgrounds within the Social and Health Care Sectors  (private and public) and also varying levels of experience in Case Management.  This diversity created platforms for discussion and further understanding of the basics of case management as seen from different perspectives.  I am confident that every delegate benefitted from this study day and it revealed to me another potentially great and rewarding option for a new career pathway.  I will certainly recommend this study day to anyone who has an interest in Case Management.

Rodney Fernandez

CICU-Charge Nurse/Clinical Site Manager

The Heart Hospital

UCLH NHS Foundation Trust

London, UK


CMS-UK Supporter

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