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Posted 17th June 2010

We have a new regular feature on our Corporate Members.  In this first article Ian Fulton gives us some background on the company he set up in 2000.

In future issues we will be featuring each Corporate Member in turn.  You can find a list of them on the website.  We would also like to welcome new Corporate Members, MedicaNet and Spring Rehabilitation.

Proclaim CARE has been operating since October 2000. This year therefore represents our 10th anniversary. During that time we have seen many changes in the rehabilitation market.


We are one of the foremost providers of rehabilitation case management in the United Kingdom. We started with one case manager and one administration assistant. We now have 27 staff with 11 case managers based around the country. Although our office is in Hamilton, most of our business is in England and Wales. We have to remind customers that this is the case. If our office was in London or the Midlands people would assume that we covered the United Kingdom. We call this reverse parochialism.


Our first Clinical Director was Emily Ferguson, who retired in 2009. Emily was rewarded last year for her services to rehabilitation by being presented at The Rehab First awards with a lifetime achievement award. In 2004 Proclaim CARE were the first winners of the Rehabilitation category at the prestigious Post Magazine Awards.


Our first rehabilitation jobs were largely from insurers, notably R&SA and Norwich Union (now AVIVA). We are proud to say that these insurers are still customers of our service. We receive referrals only for rehabilitation. We do not undertake long term care and needs. Most of our referrals are under The Rehabilitation Code and we do not take instructions to act for one party to act against another.


We realised quite quickly that “you cannot be all things to all men”. Rehabilitation has seen an evolving picture of specialisation between minor injuries, mid-range injuries and catastrophic injuries. We are specialists in the mid-range injury category involving serious orthopaedic injuries up to amputations and less severe spinal chord and brain injury cases. In 2009 we featured in a BBC documentary about rehabilitation which charted an amputee through his recovery and return to full mobility and work.


We have grown our business steadily over the last 10 years and now are preparing to grow further. We have established a reputation for quality and consistency. We have always focused on best clinical practice for Case Managers. Our Case Managers are all members of CMSUK and we have found this association to be invaluable. Our current Clinical Director, Teresa Shaw is a board member of CMSUK and our Managing Director, Ian Fulton is a non-executive Director. We have found corporate membership to have been rewarding in that it has given us the opportunity to meet with CMSUK and find out what is happening within the case management world.


The future is exciting, if uncertain. The recession has seen purchasers watch the pennies very closely impacting on referrals but this is now changing and after 10 years we can say with confidence that rehabilitation and Proclaim CARE are here to stay.


Our success to date has been down to the dedication and hard work of all the team members who are very proud of the Company and its achievements. With lots of new ideas and new products about to be launched, this is an exciting time for us all.


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