PACE Rehabilitation - Corporate Member feature

Posted 12th October 2010

PACE Rehabilitation are continuing our series of features of Corporate Membership.

PACE are one of our more recent Corporate Members, but well established in the market, and frequent supporters of our events.

Since its establishment in 2003, the number of patients who have received services from PACE Rehabilitation’s multi disciplinary team (MDT) recently exceeded one thousand.

PACE provides specialist prosthetics, orthotics, therapy and therapeutic services to individuals who have sustained limb loss and serious limb injury. 

Often, the successful provision of these services is achieved with the close liaison and involvement of a case manager.  Therefore, PACE was delighted to become corporate members of CMSUK earlier this year. 

As founding director Toby Carlsson explains, “Typically, the case manager is best placed to efficiently guide a patient through their rehabilitation and procurement of services.  As a team, we very much appreciate their role”.  He continues, “PACE is therefore very pleased to be formally associated with CMSUK and become their first rehabilitation services provider corporate member.” 

As a HPC Registered Prosthetist/Orthotist, Toby is part of a multi disciplinary clinical team at PACE that consists of a Consultant in Rehabilitation Medicine; a Physiotherapist; an Occupational Therapist and a Counsellor. 

As Toby explains “A multidisciplinary team is recognized as the most effective way to provide rehabilitation services and has long been used by the NHS in the UK.  However, like all public services, rehabilitation services within the NHS are exposed to limited funding and other organisational constraints”

“At PACE, we strive to use the best features of that service, at the same time eliminating the constraints.  This puts us in a unique position.  The full multidisciplinary team is on hand and funding is earmarked to individuals based on their needs”.  Feedback from referrers and patients alike suggests it is powerful combination.  

Initially, Toby and his team assess a patient in detail, then recommend and cost rehabilitation input for authorisation by fund holders.  As he explains “At that point, the involvement of a case manager who can challenge or support our recommendations means that a funding organisation, perhaps not as close to the case, can be confident that the recommendations have been vetted independently.” 

Following the success of the PACE Cheadle facility, a second clinic opened in Chesham, Buckinghamshire in May 2008, mirroring Cheadle’s MDT services.  As Toby explains, “The establishment of our second facility means that the majority of the UK population can now access PACE’s services in less than 2 hours travel”.

Representatives from PACE Rehabilitation will be attending the CMSUK conference in Manchester on 11th and 12th November.  In the meantime, if you have any questions or wish to discuss any of their provision, contact Scott Richardson on 0845 450 7357 or

Additionally, an opportunity for CMSUK members to visit PACE's Chesham, Bucks clinic has been arranged for the 23rd February 2011.  Details to follow.




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