Launch of the British Association of Rehabilitation Companies (BARC)

Posted 12th March 2009

This is an open letter to all those who are interested in becoming members of The British Association of Rehabilitation Companies (BARC)

This is an open letter to all those who are interested in becoming members of The British Association of Rehabilitation Companies (BARC)

A Working Council has been formed with a view to shaping development of BARC, pending election of a Council, by its members, to be held in March 2010. Contact details for those regularly attending the Working Council meetings are listed at the foot of this page, with roles assigned, for information. Please feel free to contact anyone listed for further information or queries.

It is the Council's hope that everyone who qualifies for membership should take an active part in BARC and its activities which will support its Aims and Objectives.

A Launch Event will take place at the House of Commons (Jubilee Room) on 5th May 2009 at 13.30-15.30 where Tim Ablett will be our keynote speaker. For those who do not know Tim, a full professional profile is available on

Please view the Discussion Board for further details. The Launch will be advertised in the relevant press.

Please read the following Aims and Objectives and see details of Membership, below.

Aims and Objectives

To represent the commercial, non-clinical, interests of UK Rehabilitation Providers, through active participation of its members, in order to:

  •  lobby and engage with industry Stakeholders, eg Government, in relation to matters affecting the interests of members


  •  provide a single voice in matters affecting members' interests


  •  increase awareness of the Benefits of Rehabilitation


  •  give confidence to purchasers of Rehabilitation Services


To establish a Constitution and a Code of Conduct

  • uphold Quality and maintain  Professional Standards


To provide a forum for formal discussion and debate of relevant issues

  • hold regular meetings throughout the year


  • collate and disseminate information and intelligence of benefit to members


  • respond and contribute to market initiatives


To provide networking events for informal discussion and exchange

  • encourage participation in the Association and promote informal events for exchange of ideas and networking



Membership is open to corporate members who will have full membership with voting rights. Sole practitioners are eligible as associate members with no voting rights.

BARC members with voting rights should be strategic decision makers within the organisations that they represent and this particularly would apply to those that would be eligible to be elected to the BARC Council.

Membership Fees

Applications for membership will incur a £100 joining fee in 2009 (£50 for associates)

Annual membership would be £100 (£50) Associates membership

Additional applications after the 2010 will be £150 (£50 associate applications).


Band 1-50+employees (to have 3 voting rights)

Band 2-25-50 employees (to have 2 votes)

Band 3-3-25 employees (to have 1 Vote) 

Band 4 less than 3 employees (No voting rights)

An Application Form can be completed on-line. Please visit


Contact Details

Speed Medical                          

Speed Medical                          

Knight Rehabiliation Services      

IPRS  (Treasurer)                      

Treasurer Corpore                     

Moving Minds  (Secretary)          

Moving Minds                           



Chillout Rehabilitation Services (Chair)


Argent Rehabilitation                



Crawford Healthcare                  


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