Conservative policy towards Vocational and Clinical Rehabilitation

Posted 15th June 2010

Prior to the General Election each party was asked to provide their policy towards Vocational and Clinical Rehabilitation.  This is the response by the Conservative Party, written by our President, Lord Hunt.

The Conservative Party has a proud history of putting access to high-quality medical and vocational rehabilitation services in the United Kingdom at the heart of its policies. The Conservative Manifesto pledges to 'increase health spending every year', and we want to see patients being given better access to the treatments, services and information that improve and extend lives, boost the nation's health and reform social care.  Economic inactivity continues to rise, and our Work Programme will offer people targets and personalised help sooner, through private and voluntary sector providers, who will receive payment by results for getting people into sustainable work. There is an urgent need for all support, benefit and compensation systems to factor in rehabilitation, and we are determined to make the benefit and compensation systems fit for purpose. We believe real change must come from collective endeavour, which is why the change we offer is from big government to a big society.


Speaking personally, many readers will know of my longstanding commitment to rehabilitation.  Lord Justice Jackson has set out a better way and I was pleased to be part of the front-bench team which ensured a successful amendment was made to the Compensation Act, allowing an offer of rehabilitation to be made immediately without any liability consequences.  There are, however, many further steps that must be taken and I am confident that, if you accept the Conservative invitation to join the government of Britain, together we can see greater and more effective use of vocational and clinical rehabilitation.

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