Are you aware of Continuing Healthcare Assessments?

Posted 24th June 2009

If not, then you should read this.  Carole Chantler provides this useful information on what these assessments are, and how you can make best use of them.

The role of a Case Manager is to be the client's advocate and as such the Case Manager should be aware of the of the statutory provision in this country that funds health  care. It doesn't matter if a client has a compensation claim or not, they are entitled to PCT funding for health if it is required.

Funding for health care in not an issue if someone is admitted to hospital but it quite often can become a barrier once discharge is being planned. At this time it is appropriate to request from the Social Services and the discharge nurse that a Continuing Healthcare Assessment is carried out by them.

The Continuing Health Care assessment is the tool that all the strategic health authorities use to assess and determine if someone needs are as a result of health care need or social care need, health care is not means tested and is provided by the PCT. Social care is means tested.

As of 2007 a central tool was designed and put into place so there was uniformity in what was being assessed, the Decision Support Tool, so the same tool is used in Plymouth for example as is used in Preston.  The complete tool is available on the DOH website and explains how the various care 

As a Case Manager arranging a package of home care, if the Continuing Health care assessment has not been done, ask to have it carried out and ask for input as it is multi disciplinary assessment.  Print off a copy from the DOH web site and become familiar with it so that you can anticipate what your client's assessment score should be. If it doesn't come out as you anticipated then find out why, if you are still not satisfied then appeal it.  If you are lucky enough to have a solicitor involved and you are being stone walled when asking for information, then get them involved. This is proactive Case Management where you are ensuring your client is receiving his statutory rights.

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