2018 CMSUK Award Winners

Posted 10th October 2018

The CMSUK Board (see below) recently hosted their annual Celebration & Awards Lunch.


We were delighted to welcome Martine Wright MBE who inspired the audience with her incredible journey from 7-7 survivor to paralympian.

Congratulations to all the 2018 Award Winners. The entries in all categories were of an extremely high standard. The judging panel included CMSUK Board Directors and our external industry supporters; Trevor Sterling from Moore Blatch, Christine Parker from Coveway Consulting, & Sam Harris from HACM Ltd (past CMSUK Chair).

(To read more about each Award Winner click on their name.)


Award Winner

Presented by

Catastrophic Case Manager of the Year

Rebecca Hey
The Rehabilitation Partnership

Sue Ford, Bridge Case Management
CMSUK Director & Chair Membership & Links Committee

Clinical Case Manager of the Year

Wendy Hopps
Proclaim Care

Jo Evans, Unite Professionals
CMSUK Director

Vocational Case Manager of the Year

Raaziyah Mahmood
Innovate Healthcare

Chris Bartlett, Overland Health
CMSUK Director & Chair of Communications Committee

Case Manager Supporter of the Year

Michaela Nisbet
Proclaim Care

Victoria Collins, Chroma Case Management
CMSUK Director & Joint Chair of Events Committee

Therapeutic Service Provider of the Year

Krysalis Consultancy

Carole Chantler, CCH Ltd
CMSUK Director & Chair of the Educational Pathway Joint Group

Case Management Company of the Year

Innovate Healthcare

Karen Burgin, Karen Burgin Ltd
CMSUK Director

Partnership Case of the Year

Rebecca Hey,
The Rehabilitation Partnership

Teresa Shaw, Teresa Shaw Associates
CMSUK Vice Chair

Rehab Innovation of the Year

Overland Health Ltd

Andrew Pepler, Health & Case Management Ltd
CMSUK Director

Spotlight on our Award winners:

Catastrophic Case Manager of the Year 2018 – Rebecca Hey (The Rehabilitation Partnership)

Rebecca truly demonstrates her commitment to working with adults and children who have an acquired brain injury. 60% of her cases are unique due to their forensic and prison history prior to injury. Rebecca puts the client at the centre of her case management. The nomination was supported with countless testimonials endorsing her high level of skills and professionalism from industry supporters, clients and the clients’ families. One client said, “if it wasn’t for her, I would have been back in prison”.

Amongst her supporters she is known for not shirking difficult discussions regarding barriers to rehabilitation with clients, families and statutory services. Rebecca also works tirelessly outside her day job as a volunteer to provide training and raise awareness of Acquired Brain Injury.

Clinical Case Manager of the Year – Wendy Hopps (Proclaim Care)

Wendy demonstrated what can really be achieved by working within a multidisciplinary approach. One of her clients was not able to access what he needed after a very frustrating process on top of complex multiple injuries prior to the involvement of the Case Manager. By working with all the treating specialists, the results with the client have been so impressive that the treating Spinal Consultant is writing a paper to publish the outcomes of multidisciplinary working to promote the Case Manager's work.

The company she works for provided feedback from a survey on her cases over the period of a year, whereby the clients give their direct feedback. Her score was a remarkable 9.6 out of 10 across her caseload. One client describes her as a real diamond of a woman!

Vocational Case Manager of the Year - Raaziyah Mahmood (Innovate Healthcare)

Raaziyah truly demonstrates that effective communication and collaboration, combined with early intervention in case management and vocational rehabilitation ensures the best results.

The example provided within the submission showed the passion and the will to go above and beyond for her clients resulting in a fabulous return to work outcome. One testimonial stated "Thanks for your efforts, when I referred we weren’t sure if the claimant was going to engage at all, let alone make such a good recovery and get back to work!"

Raaziyah has an outstanding 96% return to work outcome on her cases over the past 2 years.

Case Manager Supporter of the Year - Michaela Nisbet (Proclaim Care)

Michaela has been recognised in several testimonials as going above and beyond her normal day to day work to ensure the clients' and Case Managers' needs are met. One Case Manager described her as being her "right hand" and "trusted implicitly with particularly demanding and complex cases". One of the nominator's insurer customers commented that she is always available to help out with resolving queries at the drop of a hat, with a cheerful and professional approach, ensuring the rehabilitation process runs smoothly.

Therapeutic Service Provider of the Year - Krysalis Consultancy

The evidenced based approach taken by Krysalis Consultancy provides a service model with structured goal setting and documentation used by their OT team. It is part of their unique approach which they utilise with all neurological clients and offers consistency across their service.

They received outstanding testimonials from various stakeholders, some of which were provided in an innovative manner on YouTube.

Case Management Company of the Year - Innovate Healthcare

Innovate Healthcare demonstrates the delivery of their case management services based on client specific needs in an effective and efficient manner under the Rehabilitation Code 2015. They work under joint instruction with defendant insurers and claimant solicitors, ensuring it is the client’s needs that are put at the centre of everything their Case Managers do.

As part of their ongoing drive for the team to operate in a quality-based framework and service delivery, they have recently achieved the accreditation of ISO 9001 in Quality Management and 27001 in Information Security.

With the addition of their 0% staff attrition rate amongst their clinical team, this maintains this companies’ clients and customers' continuity of service, which in case management is vital for the overall client experience.

Partnership Case of the Year – Rebecca Hey, The Rehabilitation Partnership

This partnership case involved an interdisciplinary team working together from a number of rehabilitation organisations to formulate and deliver a unique programme with a 17-year-old client with a severe ABI sustained aged 8.  She had a complex presentation of physical, sensory, communication, cognitive, social, emotional and behavioural impairments.  It was an innovative team approach to addressing barriers, facilitating change, providing evidence-based rehabilitation and evaluating progress within a normalised, non-institutional environment. This was recorded with photos and videos to assist the client’s cognitive deficits and to provide evidence of success for the client and her family and has also led to a replication of the programme for other clients within their service.

With a number of testimonials supporting this nomination it is a clear demonstration of success in collaboration and the parents said, “It felt like a door was opening to give our child an opportunity to grow and become more independent and made us more focused on promoting independence rather than overprotecting and holding her back”.

Rehab Innovation of the Year - Overland Health Ltd

Overland Health has demonstrated the innovative use of technology at the earliest stage of intervention with an online triage assessment to signpost clients to the most appropriate form of treatment underpinned by clinical algorithms.

In a world where technology assists us in many forms of our day to day social/work lives, clients require more technology-based products for their heath. This innovation gives results for clients for an easier and quicker access to treatment for low level injury, no travel or time off work for treatment appointments and with a 60% saving against face to face appointments.

A testimonal for this innovation was as follows: “the online solution offered using an evidence informed triage matrix together with stepped response through a Telephysio Service is neat and innovative and incorporates an important work focus”.

Photography:  David Parry Photography

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